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Hacking Eastwood: Banana Republic

Posted January 31, 2017

Welcome to a new feature here on the blog - Hacking Eastwood! It's where I help you shop like a pro - like many of us seasoned shoppers who have gleaned this information over years of experience. And I'm doing it by going straight to the source - the store managers. First up, one of my favorites, Banana Republic. Store manager Abby gives us the inside look:

What day of the week does new merchandise typically hit the sales floor? 
New merchandise usually rolls out to our sales floor on Wednesday. We typically receive new product 2-3 Wednesdays a month.

Is there a 'slow' day in your store? A 'busy' day? 
Tuesdays are usually our quiet day of the week, however we normally update our promotions on Tuesdays. This means you can have first pick of new items at great prices. Our busy days change throughout the year depending on the season. Usually our evenings during the week are steady and Friday-Sunday are busier. 

Do you offer a loyalty/rewards program? What are some of the benefits? 
Our store brand credit card has a rewards system when you use the card. Every $100 spent on the card earns you $5 to use on an upcoming purchase. Cardholders also receive cardholder only promotions throughout the year. This means you're always receiving the best discounts on quality product!

Any special services we can take advantage of? 
We always have our knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors available to assist our customers in putting together outfits and picking out pieces that fit their specific body type. Our team tries on new product when it arrives to store so we're able to suggest what items work best for each body type and what pieces are our favorites!

Any special product releases throughout the year that we will want to check out? 
We just released our new men's and women's denim lines!  Women's denim is now available in a variety of silhouettes. We recently added Zero Gravity Denim and Sculpt Denim to our assortment. Both offer the perfect amount of stretch, superior comfort and excellent recovery.  For men we have introduced Rapid Movement Denim to the assortment. This denim was designed specifically for Banana Republic with advanced stretch technology.  We love this fabric because it has a surprising amount of stretch and comfort while maintaining the look of authentic denim. 

Many customers have been asking about our new fragrance line which we are excited to say will be coming this spring!

What's the best way to get store news? 

Make sure you're receiving Banana Republic emails, as well as following Eastwood Towne Center's website/Instagram. Both websites feature when new product is landing in stores.

Is there social media for your specific store? 
We do not have a store specific social media account, however Banana Republic has an Instagram account showing our newest pieces and how our customers are wearing them!

When is your best sale of the year? 
Usually our best sales of the year happen on a pretty regular basis! If you're in need of new work pants for example, keep your eyes open to our website and your email. We usually have item specific promotions happening each week. If you see a promotion in an email or online, stop into the store! We usually run the same promotion as online and if for some reason our promotion is different, we will always honor the better promotion. 

Is there a 'Friends and Family' sale?
We run our Friends and Family sale 3 times a year. Usually, our friends, family and cardholders are invited to this special event! If you're a cardholder with Banana Republic, Gap or Old Navy, make sure your current email is updated with your most current card. This will make sure you receive that invite! If you don't have a store card with us, you can always stop into your local store and open a card or place your email on our current email invite list. 

When is your end-of-season clearance? 
We have Winter / Spring / Summer / Fall Sale, however we take markdowns every couple weeks so there are always new pieces added to our sale areas. These pieces will sometimes have an additional % off the marked price. The best way to keep up with when we have end of season sales would be through Banana Republic email blasts and the BR website.

Anything else you want customers to know?  
I think it's important that our customers know that we offer suiting for men and women!  Women's suiting offers Blazers, pants in an assortment of fits and skirts in a variety of fabrics.  Men's suiting is available in Slim and Standard fits. We also offer non-iron shirts in two fits. All of our suiting is beautifully tailored and made of high quality fabrics.  Banana Republic is truly the destination for casual and professional dressing!

So there you have it - now you know the ins and outs of shopping BR! Happy hunting!

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