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Out the Door in an Instant

Posted January 10, 2017

As I'm going back to work after having my daughter, I'm looking at less time (and energy) to get glam in the morning - but that doesn't mean I want to look like it! So I've gathered together a list of products that can help me get out the door quickly AND beautifully. If you've got the same time crunch I do, you'll want to pay attention!

First things first - getting clean. I've long been a fan of these face wipes - they remove old makeup and dirt and prep your skin for a fresh new day. So if I don't have time for a proper shower, these wipes from Sephora can get me ready for a fresh face in just a few moments.

The same goes for my hair - if I've had a long night with the babe, washing and styling is the last thing I want to do - but with a few spritzes of dry shampoo, any greasies are gone and my hair has more volume and bounce. I like the Living Proof line, available at Sephora.

If I've got a little more time for washing, drying and styling, there's a trio of products from Sephora I'd like to try out to cut time off my routine - first, a towel that helps wick water from your hair, cutting down on drying time:

Next, a super-fast hair dryer to make the next step a snap. This is a bit of an investment piece - but at 6 a.m., ten more minutes of sleep seems like it's worth a million bucks!

And then styling - my hairdresser used one of these on my hair recently, and I loved how simple it was and how smooth it left my strands - a hot brush - a sort of curling iron/hairbrush combo that gave my tresses shape in just a few strokes:

If I'm crunched on time, knowing the most important steps in my makeup routine can make sure I still look great in minimal minutes. Products that do double duty are a key component, like this Nars 'The Multiple' stick. It adds color to my lips and cheeks in an instant - making me look healthy and alert...even when I don't feel like it.

As for getting dressed in a snap, I love a great, structured dress, like this beauty I spotted at Banana Republic over the weekend. One-piece dressing like this means that you aren't wasting time figuring out if you like a pant-blouse-jacket combo - you're one and done.

And as I'm headed out the door, I don't want to be struggling with a purse, a work bag and a diaper bag - so I need one bag that can do triple duty - like this beautiful large tote from LOFT:

I'd love your tips and tricks for getting ready in a flash - what do I need to know?

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