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Towne Center Tuesdays

  • Festive Party Wear for Your Littles
    I've got a sweet new baby girl at home, and I'm having so much fun dressing her up - and I can't wait to put her in some adorable party duds for her first Christmas. If you're heading to a religious service, getting family photos made or heading to a party, your littles are going to need some festive gear.
  • Black Friday Preview!
    Who's ready for some sales?!? My favorite things are: 1. Shopping 2. Gift-Giving 3. A Bargain - making Black Friday my Superbowl. I'm ready to get out there and get my holiday shopping DONE - if you are too, I've done my research and have some tips for you to use on the big day.
  • Cheating for Thanksgiving
    Whether you're hosting the big dinner or just bringing a dish for your gathering, it can be a lot of work. I always want to have everyone love the food I share, but sometimes life gets the best of me - like this year, where I'll have a brand-new baby. That's when it's time to fake it.
  • Celebrating Friendsgiving
    Every year, our friends get together, typically a few weeks before Thanksgiving, to celebrate an even more awesome holiday - Friendsgiving. It's got all the food and none of the family pressures.
  • Fall Trend Alert: Dark Florals
    This fall, the floral prints are no longer sweet and pink - they've got a little edge going on. With dark backgrounds, most often black, navy or burgundy, they're perfect for the office or a night out - a little more gown-up version of the floral print.
  • Pandora Preview
    If you hadn't heard yet, Eastwood Towne Center is getting a Pandora store! If you've never been in, you may not have discovered that Pandora carries so much more than charms - bracelets, earrings, necklaces - there's an option for everyone.
  • Make Halloween Adorable!
    There's only a couple of years - three if you're lucky - where you get full decision power of your little's Halloween costume. Let's make it count, yes? Spirit Halloween is now open near Pottery Barn with costumes and decor for your whole family.
  • Maternity Style
    At 8 months pregnant, I'm starting to grow weary of my maternity clothes. Enter a little black dress from Destination Maternity. With fall rolling in, I can finally wear layers again - and with this simple black dress, I can layer it up in some fun and different ways.
  • Mini Caramel Apples 3 Ways
    It's fall! And as I'm not a PSL gal, apples are my go-to fall treat. Today, I wanted to dress them up for a little fun. With some help from Williams-Sonoma, I made the cutest tiny caramel apples 3 different ways.
  • What's in Your Bag?
    I recently bought a fall purse and in the process of transferring everything over, I realized that the inside of my bag needed just as much of an overhaul as the outside did!