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Towne Center Tuesdays

  • Redefining Date Night
    With a new baby in the house, we're having to rethink what a night together looks like. Right now it's snuggled up on a couch together, watching a movie on Netflix. In the dead of winter, it's so nice to have a quiet night at home with all the comforts of going out. Eastwood has everything we need to keep the romance alive.
  • Out the Door in an Instant
    As I'm going back to work after having my daughter, I'm looking at less time (and energy) to get glam in the morning - but that doesn't mean I want to look like it!
  • Shopping Just Got Easier
    The other day I was scrolling through Facebook and up popped an ad from Gap with a super cute sweatshirt - you know, a great color and awesome cut - the not-your-typical-sweatshirt sweatshirt.
  • Sparkle and Shine this NYE
    You'll want to ring in 2017 in style this year - so why not do it with a huge trend - sparkle, shine and metallics?
  • Here's One for the Guys...
    ...who are buying for the gals. Guys, I see you. It's nearly Christmas Eve and you haven't bought the lady in your life a gift yet.
  • Snowy Holiday Decor
    That snowstorm over the weekend was so beautiful and romantic...as long as you didn't have to leave the house! I love the look of snowy branches at Christmastime, and with a few key items, you can bring that frosted look indoors - without the cold and wet!
  • Festive Party Wear for Your Littles
    I've got a sweet new baby girl at home, and I'm having so much fun dressing her up - and I can't wait to put her in some adorable party duds for her first Christmas. If you're heading to a religious service, getting family photos made or heading to a party, your littles are going to need some festive gear.
  • Black Friday Preview!
    Who's ready for some sales?!? My favorite things are: 1. Shopping 2. Gift-Giving 3. A Bargain - making Black Friday my Superbowl. I'm ready to get out there and get my holiday shopping DONE - if you are too, I've done my research and have some tips for you to use on the big day.
  • Cheating for Thanksgiving
    Whether you're hosting the big dinner or just bringing a dish for your gathering, it can be a lot of work. I always want to have everyone love the food I share, but sometimes life gets the best of me - like this year, where I'll have a brand-new baby. That's when it's time to fake it.
  • Celebrating Friendsgiving
    Every year, our friends get together, typically a few weeks before Thanksgiving, to celebrate an even more awesome holiday - Friendsgiving. It's got all the food and none of the family pressures.